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Azure Foundation Services - CASE STUDY



  • Multi-channel bank-insurer.

  • Region: Belgium - EU.



  • Name: Azure Foundation Services.

  • Description: Together with 45 Degrees, Pluralit was requested to collaborate in the design of a MULTI-CLOUD STRATEGY: a hybrid cloud environment that allows combining security and cost savings at the same time. The end client was looking not only to run its existing apps on Azure technologies but also to engineer new apps and have Azure as a new platform to create new environments.

  • Technologies: Microsoft Azure.

  • Duration: 2021-now.


CHALLENGE Nº1: Design, architect and implement the client Landing Zone in Azure.


    • Create the Azure Foundation Services.  The objective is to create a secured, scalable, robust and modular environment for hosting, migration, modernization and innovation of applications, pre-provisioned through code. The Landing Zone offers a secured and repetitive environment for all DevOps teams, suitable for Web Applications, microservices, serverless or data solutions.

    • Onboarding of 120 .NET applications within 12 months.

    • Delivery time of Azure environment for a single DevOps team from weeks (Approvals, architecture design for specific cases, investigation, risk assessments, etc.) to less than 1 hour.

CHALLENGE Nº2: Combination of cloud technologies in Azure that meet our customer's needs, taking into account the number of clients, employees and service types that our client has.


    • Implementation of Azure technologies:

      • Networking: Virtual Network, Azure Firewall, WAF, Application Gateway, Azure Virtual WAN, NSG, Azure DDoS plan.

      • Data stores: Azure SQL Database, CosmosDB, Storage Account, Redis Cache.

      • DevOps: Azure DevOps, Terraform, Bicep, ARM, AzCLI, Powershell.

      • Monitoring: Log Analytics Workspace, Azure Monitor, Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

      • Web: App Service, Functions, Application Insights.

    • Position Azure as the first choice for O365 and .NET applications.

    • Landing Zone will be able to on-board data applications, web applications and containerized solutions (AKS).


CHALLENGE Nº3: Present Solution Architectures to Infrastructure Architects Board.


    • Each solution architecture and implementation needs to be presented to a board of System Architects, who will then approve or not follow the client’s standards, policies and best practices.

    • Presentations so far: Networking, Monitoring, Foundation Services, Maintenance & Support access, DDoS strategy, Identity management.



Hernán Fader - Cloud Enterprise Technology Architect - Pluralit "I’ve worked for a year already on this project and I feel I’m doing now what I came to Belgium for. A great challenge in a big company, leading the development and architectural decisions towards the future of a digital transformation. This opportunity not only makes me learn and be on the edge of Microsoft cloud technologies if not that also challenges my soft skills in a way that I was seeking for the last couple of years. And everything in a friendly and inclusive working environment!"

  Hernán Feder - Cloud Enterprise Technology Architect - Pluralit